September 16, 2012

WIP-Eydie's A

So busy busy busy! Crazyness at work, three day Labor Day weekend was spent at the Irish Fest and getting some housework done and recovering from Irish Fest.

I did get some sewing done in the last two weeks and built a new ironing board.

I saw this pattern over on the Moda Bake Shop and is probably the only time I went out and sought fabric for a specific pattern - and then used it for that specific pattern.

Eydie's A by April and Mickey over at Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe

So far I've gotten all the jelly roll strips sewn together and then cut apart.

 There were a few oops moments, where some where cut the wrong size. *sigh* I had to sew two back together, then recut so I would have the right number of pieces.

Now, I've almost got them all sewn together :-)

(In which the truth comes out that sometimes, I can be lazy with the ironing/pressing portion of the quilting then catch up all at once.)

I've been on a baking and food making kick the last few days so I didn't get any sewing done.  There might have been massive amounts of cookies made, meatballs, potatoes and meatloaf!  Once I finish off the potato cooking this week, I think I'll have satisfied my inner squirrel's need to stock pile food. I've been on a soup kick since the ragweed tried to out flank me and take me out. ugh, I hate fall for it's when the ragweed really attempts to take me out.

Hopefully I will get more progress done this week!