August 29, 2012

Gift Bags and Illinois Roads

I got my cast off on Monday but we did not get the results we hoped for :( So, I'm still down a fully functional wrist for at least the next three weeks while we wait and see if the steroid shot works. So while wrist isn't fully functional at least I don't have a cast on my arm that itches and cannot get wet.

I did however sew two bags up last week for gifts. I almost gave up after getting my casted arm hung up on the machine for the fifth or sixth time, but I was able to finish them in time.

They are supposed to be 'mason' jars but had a bit of identity crisis. I was taking home made Jam to some people and wanted to do something other than just a piece of fabric under the metal ring.

Fruit Bags 3

Susan asked for the pattern  and/or directions for the bag, and I will try to get something written up in the next week or so for anyone else that is interested. Construction wise, they are similar to other bag patterns that are out there. I've made so many bags off more than one direction set, that I can't tell you what part came from what.

While I'm not sewing much at the moment, this is an opportunity to do some catch up postings on projects I completed before starting on this rendition of my little corner of the blog.

This was the very first quilt top that I finished almost five years ago- I can't believe it's been THAT long since Grad School. Please excuse the mess in the outlying areas, grad students are not known for their tidiness. 


The pattern was called Illinois Roads and I cannot find my copy of it to say who wrote it. I didn't know what I was doing for the most part, I had only been sewing for about three weeks when I started on that. It still has not made it to it's final home. I used fleece for the backing and it's tied off, I just need to mail it.

Now, it's only close to 100 degrees here today, but I'm off to heat up some soup. Because we are like that here, 100 degrees, have some soup. Below zero? No problem, we'll all go out for ice cream sundaes at Sonic.

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Susan said...

You can eat chilled soup, although I really have a problem with the whole idea.

Soup is meant to be steaming hot.

Pretty quilt and yes pattern for the bags would be lovely.